We carry out boreholes and probes for geo engineering, hydrogeological, environmental and construction surveys

Lightweight caterpillar track drilling and sampling machine MRZB:

  • fully hydraulic, self-propelled set on rubber-tracked undercarriage with folding mast
  • suitable for inaccessible terrain
  • suitable for partially difficult geological conditions (stiff clays, loose sands)
  • depth range approx. 8 m, casing diameter 114 mm, drilling diameter 98 and 114 mm
  • collection of undisturbed soil samples
  • dynamic penetration tests (DPT)
  • water infiltration tests

Dynamic penetration machine LMSR-Vk:

  • percussion hammer 50 kg, fall height 50 cm, standard (DPT)
  • table and graph log
  • transformation into geotechnical profile with the values of selected geotechnical parameters according to correlation relationships

Diamond core drilling machine HILTI DD 150-U:

  • drilling diameter of 152 mm and 82 mm, permanent water cooling, an option to drill with cooling water "during water recycling" with the using an industrial vacuum cleaner in closed spaces (buildings)
  • suitable for vertical or horizontal drilling of holes and penetrations through the building structures - sampling of concrete, red bricks or tarmac, linear construction
  • drill core sampling, measurement and description, determination of the strength in simple pressure

Contact person:

Ing. Soňa Šimková
M: +420 602 357 305
E: simkova@g-consult.cz

Ing. Vladan Podroužek
M: +420 602 520 209
E: podrouzek@g-consult.cz